Welcome School Curriculum

Children Learn Through Play!

At Welcome School we believe that a child learns best through play. Here are some things you might find your child participating with at Welcome School.


Children can be found working with wood, paint, homemade playdough, scissors, glue, markers, or crayons. We have a variety of mediums to create wonderful works of art.


Children might be found discovering textures of animal furs, where animals live, or what animals eat. They might be investigating how much things weigh, whether they are magnetic, or if light can go through them. We have all sort of materials to explore including shells, furs, seeds, bones, magnifying glasses, magnets, and more.

Dramatic Play:

Children love to pretend. At Welcome School, we give children opportunities to pretend in many different settings throughout the year. Examples of a some of our dramatic play centers include: camping, farm, grocery, ice cream shop, pizza shop, shoe shop, doctor’s office, housekeeping, dress-up, post office, and school.


Children love creating things. They can learn about building structures with big wooden blocks, connector blocks, or Legos.

Manipulatives and Puzzles:

Children learn spacial awareness and early math skills by putting together one of our many puzzles. Maybe they like to put things in order, play matching games, or practice lacing or tying shoes. No matter the interest, there is plenty to explore from pegboards, floor puzzles, matching games, and sorting activities.

Writing and Reading:

Children love to explore text in books or things they write themselves. It may just look like a scribble to you, but to a child it is a word or even an entire story! Welcome School has an ever growing library with both fiction and non-fiction books for children to explore. We also have opportunities for writing.

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